Bespoke Housing Contest!

Show us your best housing entry of a house tailor-made to….Mirri Elendis!
Show us a house that Mirri would love, one she would call home, one that evokes thoughts of our favorite snarky Dunmer companion!

For reference information, please see:

DEADLINE IS 23:59 PACIFIC, 7/25/2021!!!

Houses will be judged between 00:00 Pacific 7/26/21 and 23:59 Pacific 7/31/21.

Winners and full listing of entrants will be posted by 17:00 Pacific 8/5/21.

Entries will be judged on:

• Theme Adherence
• Creativity
• Uniqueness
• Overall Quality


1st Place: 100,000g + 3 Random Purple Furniture Recipe
2nd Place: 50,000g + 2 Random Purple Furniture Recipe
3rd Place: 25,000g + 1 Random Purple Furniture Recipe

To enter, put together your house, set it as your primary residence, and allow access by guild members. Be careful to set permissions to Visitor or Visitor Limited to ensure no one messes with your design.

To enter, please see the contest board on the Discord!