Here you will find the answers to all the frequently asked questions. 


The Guild

Are there naked nords?

Yes, there’s a few of them! Norgred Hardhelm, Stromgruf the Steady, and of course the original of legend, Hlormar Wine-Sot! Be sure to keep an eye out for them in your travels in Tamriel!

Do I have to wear pants?

Absolutely not! But please keep evidence of your pantslessness to yourself. While the guild is the Naked Nord Cornerclub, and while we are 18+, we are generally SFW.

Who is the Guild Leader?

The Guild Leader, also known as The Proprietor, is Sindradottir, @sindradottir

The Guild Account, which is used for separate storage of non-monetary guild funds, as well as is the permanent home of the Crafting Hall Annex, is The Naked Nord, @thenakednord.

You can reach the guild leader in game through either account, on the Discord server @Sindradottir, or via email

How long has NNC been around?

The Naked Nord Cornerclub was founded November 12th, 2019. While it’s been around for a little while, it had a rough start.

After the guild hit 100 members for the first time, there was a Great Cataclysm that caused the Proprietor to disappear for approximately 6-8 months. 

When the Proprietor returned, they had found most of the guild had gone inactive. They sent messengers and informed the guild a Great Purge was coming.

Once the Great Purge was complete, the Proprietor set out recruiting again, and began to rebuild.

You have two guild halls?

Yes! Well, eventually!

Our main Guild Hall is the Primary Residence of @sindradottir, and is our thematic Guild Hall for social shenanigans.

Our Crafting Hall Annex will eventually be the Primary Residence of @thenakednord, and will have all the base crafting stations, all the attunable crafting stations, all the Mundus Stones, and a Transmutation Station. 

The Crafting Hall Annex does not currently exist, and is the reason the Fundraising page exists at this time.

How do you communicate out of game?

The NNC has an extensive Discord server that facilitates information sharing, shenanigans, contests, and general communication.

Plus there’s the pet channel. 


Are there membership requirements?

The only requirements for membership are adherence to the rules and joining the Discord.

Voice participation is not required in general, though heavily encouraged, and occasionally required for specific events. 

At this time, there is no inactivity policy. When we reach membership cap, this will change. 

What are the rules?

There are not many rules, but you can find them on the Membership page.

They are also in the Discord in the Welcome! section. 

I used to be in the guild - can I come back?

If you were removed from the guild for inactivity, there is no reason you cannot rejoin the guild. 

If you were removed for a different reason, use the Apply page to fill out an application, and in the Additional Details section, address why you were removed and why you want to come back. A Councilor will review your application and reach out to you with a decision.

How do I invite my friend?

In game, press G to bring up the Guild Page, choose NNC from your Guild List, then click the Recruitment tab, and then press R to Link in Chat. Have your friend click the Guild Link, read the listing, and fill out an application, answering the questions. 

Otherwise, have them visit this site, read who we are and what we’re about, and then fill out an application on the Apply page. If they are accepted, they will be invited by a Barkeep, Councilor, or the GM.

Can you explain the guild ranks?

The ranks in the guild are as follows:

  • Patron
  • Empty Cup
  • Frothing Tankard
  • Drunkard
  • Barkeep
  • Brewmaster/Witch – Councilor
  • The Naked Nord
  • The Proprietor

There are also Discord-specific roles. More details are available on the Membership page.

Can I use the guild bank?

The Guild Bank is always open for donation to other players. Anyone with a rank of Frothing Tankard or above can withdraw items from the GB. 

Depositing gold in the GB in amounts of X,000 will result in Raffle Tickets being applied equal to X. A deposit that ends in any number other than 0 and/or is less than 1,000 will be treated as a plain donation.

If you want to donate items for Guild use, such as mats, consumables, or furnishings to use to build the Guild Hall or use as prizes, DO NOT put these in the GB. Instead, mail them to @thenakednord in game, with a note as to their purpose.

All Donations and All Deposits of Gold Are Final. We Thank You.


Do you do in-game fundraising?

Yes! We have various methods of raising in-game funds. For now, these funds go to building the thematic Guild Hall and the future Crafting Hall Annex. Eventually, they may go to fund a trader.

  • Weekly Gold Raffles
  • Monthly 50-50 Mat Raffles
  • White-Fish Fishing Contests
  • Farming Parties

And more! View more details on the Fundraising page.

Do you accept Crown/Cash Donations?

This is a touchy subject for many, so we want to be clear.
  • Donations are final.
  • Donations are not tax-deductible.
  • Donations are out of the kindness of your heart and do not come with any expectation of preferential treatment or higher rank.
  • Repeat, Donations are final. Removal from the guild, voluntary or otherwise, will not result in donations being returned.
That being said, if there is an interest in purchasing something for the guild with Crowns, please contact @sindradottir BEFORE making said purchase. If there is interest in a cash donation to the guild for the guild to use for future crown purchases or maintenance of ESO Plus for the guild account, contact @sindradottir for more information.


What kind of events do you run?

We focus on non-combat content. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fishing
  • Housing
  • Thieving
  • Farming
  • Raffles & Contests
  • Group Shenanigans

Basically anything that can be done as a group or competitively that isn’t dungeons, trials, arenas, and PvP. 

More details can be found on the Events page.

How does the raffle work?

Every week there is a Weekly Gold Raffle.
Every Month, there is a 50-50 Mat Raffle, with a specific group of accepted materials.

For Full Details on our raffles, visit the Raffles page.