ᛜn.o.r.g.r.e.d. programᛜ

Is there a guildmate that has displayed the ideals we seek in an exemplary way? Have they contributed to your playtime in a specific way, bettering your experience in Tamriel?  Now you have a special and fantastic way to say thank you!

With Norgred’s Official Recognition of Guildmates with Really Excellent Demeanors, or the NORGRED Program, guildmates can nominate each other for exceptional attitudes, assistance, and contribution to their experience.

The NORGRED Program is based upon the concept of promoting guild connection, but also long-lasting investment in the guild and its members. The Naked Nord Cornerclub recognizes and values the members of our guild who step up and help out, creating the culture that we are looking to nurture.

The Nomination:

To nominate a guildmate, use the nomination form below. Remember to be honest and honorable in both their activities, and your own accounting. All nominations are subject to the further approval of the Guild Leader, and the final choice of the recipient will be made by the Guild Leader. Nominations will not be made public, so as to respect the privacy of the nominee and the nominator.

The Criteria:

Nominations may be made for exceptional contribution by a guildmate in ways such as:

  • Extensive assistance with a new player
  • Always being willing to assist or explain things
  • Eternally upbeat attitude
  • Always encouraging others to engage in activities
  • Financial assistance to the guild as a whole.


These are not limitations, and anyone who feels someone is deserving for a specific reason can submit a nomination.

The Prize:

Recipients will have a choice between:

  • One (1) month of ESO+ or
  • Up to 1500 crowns in gifts from the Crown Store.


The Recipient:

  • Recipients may only be chosen once.
  • Recipients must be in good standing and of rank Empty Cup, Frothing Tankard, Drunkard, or Barkeep.
  • Recipients must be accepting of the nomination and willing to receive.
  • Recipients will not be made public, so as to respect their privacy.
  • Recipients must have a PayPal account if they wish to receive a month of ESO+ as their prize.
  • Recipients can choose to take up to 1500 crowns in gifts instead if they do not need or want ESO+, or do not have a PayPal account.


The Funds:

  • The funds to satisfy the NORGRED Program are at this time being supplied by the Guild Leader.
  • If Guild Members wish to contribute the fund, they may do so by contributing to the Guild PayPal Account.
  • As the funds are supplied by the Guild Leader at this time, the Guild Leader reserves the right NOT to select a Recipient at any given point in time.
  • Nominations will be held over until such time that funds are available to fund the NORGRED Program again.


The Restrictions:

Anyone found lying about the details of the nomination or found submitting a nomination for themselves under the name of another, will be removed from the guild immediately for attempting to defraud the guild and spoiling the goodwill act that is the NORGRED Program.